Monday, August 19, 2013


Happy Monday!

I know I am extremely late with this post but.....(wait)  


Can you believe it? After 2 seasons I am finally on board. Well, this is what had happened.....laughing 
When the talk came about Scandal coming on I was excited about watching but it seems like I must have forgotten it came on. The weeks, days and then months went by and I just said forget it. I would see all these posts on my Facebook news-feed but I knew it was too far into the season for me to catch on. I really don't like watching anything in the middle of a show and especially a series.

A few weeks ago I noticed that BET was going to run all the episodes two weekends in a row. Finally, I will be able to watch what ALL the hype was all about. I knew it was no way possible I would be able to watch all day from 8am to 10pm. How am I going to do this because this is my opportunity and I can't miss out. Just in conversation with my cousin she said, Oh I watched Scandal! We can just tape them all and I will help you through it.She walked me through but not telling me too much but allowing me to figure things out but giving me minimal hints. I was sitting on the edge of my seat in between my "nanny" duties! lol

So bloggers, I am all caught up. Well, I thought I was caught up. They didn't show the season finale she said. 


She said its been a while but I am almost sure that is not how it ended. So we Googled it! 

Yup...I didn't see the last episode.

 Now I have to figure out when I can see the last episode. I'm hooked!!! 

      Fitz: [to Olivia] You can't fix the fact that I love you. That I love you more than I love being President. I have told you that I'd give it all up for you again and again, and you know what I think? i think you don't believe me. I think you believe that I will never choose you. Well, this time, I'm fixing things.

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  1. Obsessed with this show! It's SO good!

  2. I so need to pick up an evening show! I don't watch anything...

  3. im liking the new site...congrats! i so need to get the DVDs...ive seen a few episodes and each time i llike it!

  4. That show is freaking amazing !
    I can not wait until October for season 3.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  5. I love, love, LOVE Scandal. Welcome to the club. It's awesome here!


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