Thursday, August 1, 2013


I LOVE Pinterest!!! I think I look on it everyday. I am always pinning something to prepare and I haven't had the time to do but now that I have some free time I was able to do some baking.

Why do I have free time? Well, things have been slow at the daycare so my services aren't needed until the children go back to school. Well, I can catch up on some needed sleep.

Anyway, I was watching Pioneer Woman on the food network channel. Oh, did I tell you,


Well, she made homemade strawberry granola bars. Like I said before, I have been wanting to try things I pin and I don't get a chance. I always wanted to try granola bars. As I watched the show they looked so simple. The ingredients are: all purpose flour, brown sugar, oats, cold butter, jam(I used strawberry) My first reaction was, That's it?? I have all of those ingredients in the house. All I did was mix all of the dry ingredients. Put one layer of the jam and then spread the jam and top with dry mixture.  That's it!! The only thing I did was cut it before time. I should have waited until it was completely cold but I was that anxious and oh so greedy! After the first little cut, I waited until it was cold to cut into bars. They are delicious!

My dad was expecting me to add fresh blueberries since he has been picking them as if its his job. He has a blueberry tree, the neighbors have blueberry trees so he is out there everyday picking. I would have done the blueberries but I would have to make them into preserves and I didn't feel like doing that but I will the next time I make them. Oh yea! I will be making these again. 



Are you on Pinterest? Like it?


  1. I'm not a huge fan of granola bars but this sounds absolutely delicious! And it seems easy to prepare. Thanks for sharing!


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