Monday, October 28, 2013


It's a new week! I am still trying to remain healthy, with a few cheats here and there, but I don't ever, ever plan to be the weight I use to be. I still have about 13 pounds to get to my 1st goal. It's been a long process but I plan to stick it out.

Any who, I want to lose weight and I want to get vacation ready!(later post) This week I decided to go meatless. This is going to be sooooo hard!  I love meat! We do a lot of chicken and turkey. Occasionally, we will have beef. I mostly do beef because I am anemic and when I was going "through"  the doctor wanted me to eat beef at least 3x a week. But now, I don't eat that much beef.  And Pork, well, every now and then I need to have me a pork chop sandwich or a chopped bbq sandwich. But trust me, those days are very far apart!

I am hoping the no meat will help take off some pounds this week. Praying!! 

Today I did very well! I did mess up and had a handful of chips and a handful of candy corn. Trying to lay off the sweets too! But I will give myself a pat on the back with not having the delicious baked chicken that I made for Sunday dinner yesterday. Plus, when I came in from work, my mother saved me two wings to go with my dinner. I said, Nope! No meat for me! She was shocked. I tried to get her to join me when I told her what I was thinking about yesterday while we were cooking but she said, Uhhh, all week? She maybe I will do two or three nights. lol  I will take that! It's a process but I am sticking to it!

Stay tuned!


  1. i have a friend who is a vegetarian and anytime she feels unhealthy and wants to "detox" she just goes vegan for a week or so...she clams it is amazing!

  2. Girl I used to go without meat for 1 week out of each month....I was irritated the entire week! LOL! But good luck hunni :-)


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