Thursday, October 17, 2013


Tuesday I had a dr appointment.  This appointment was with my general practitioner. I FINALLY found one that I liked, so I am sticking with her. Actually, the last time I went to see my Oncologist my blood pressure was higher than it normally is. I know I have stated this over and over but every time I go to the dr my pressure is ALWAYS high. Not extremely high, but not where it should be.(142/94) That's not good! The nurse told me that I should check with my doctor because maybe they need to increase my high blood pressure medicine. Ugghh...I'm trying to get off the medicine NOT increase it!

She told me that she would not increase the blood pressure meds but she would increase my water pill. I hope and pray that works! I hate taking medicine. I have been trying to eat better and continuing to lose weight. Next Thursday she is going to do labs and to check the things out that the oncologist doesn't look at.

Oh yea...hate needles too!   wish me luck!! 

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