Monday, September 9, 2013


It's Monday and I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend! I didn't have much planned for the weekend but I did a double dose at the gym. NOT ME?? Well, yes...There is a certain instructor that I like at the gym for the Zumba class and she only teaches on Monday and Saturday. Since being in ATL, I had to get back into the flow up the gym. I noticed that for the new gym schedule there were more classes added, which one of the classes added was Yoga. Oh Yea!! I have been wanting to try Yoga for the longest!

Well, Saturday I had the opportunity to have Zumba with the instructor I love @10AM then Yoga @130PM. I was excited! I even goggled  what was Yoga and what to wear. I even found a Yoga mat at Walmart for $5.00. Can't beat that right?

Getting back into Zumba since being in ATL was a little rough since I hadn't worked out. It was a good fun. Yoga was phenomenal. I really enjoyed it! The class was very small which was good because I was trying to learn the moves. The instructor was very cool. A little chatty, but she was good. 

Unfortunately, I went home very sore and evidently came down with a little bug. I was thinking it was allergies but it turned out to be a little cold. I got some medicine and I am on the road to recovery! Amen!!! So glad this "bug" didn't last long.       

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