Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Happy Tuesday!

Since I have decided to make SC my home, its time I start car shopping. I had my own car when I was in NY but it was beginning to give me a lot of problems so I decided to let it go. Actually, the car was a gift from my dad so when I decided to come here, which I thought was temporary, my dad asked his mechanic to try and sell it. Don't know the outcome on that!

Since I have been here and learning my way around, I have been driving my mother's car on a regular. She doesn't drive it a lot or when she does go somewhere I usually take her but on the days that I am working I leave her car-less.(she's gotten spoiled with me chauffeuring her around) Well, my father's truck is here but if my dad has something to do then she is stuck in the house.  I feel bad so I think its time I start looking for a car of my own. I think I am interested in purchasing a jeep.
I have ALWAYS wanted a jeep. I like the thought of sitting up high and being able to see everything on the road. Also, living here(in the south) there are a lot of deer's on the roads, my cousin calls them "wild horses", not that I drive a lot at night because I still have the fear of the "wild horses". When you hit one of them they can totally destroy your car and I definitely don't want to injure myself or anyone else. I know I have to overcome my fear but that is one of the reasons I was interested in a jeep.

Hopefully, I can find a reasonable jeep with low mileage and car payments. I am going to start looking probably around October because I THINK that is when the 2014s come in and the 2013s are dropped in price. Wish me luck!

I  shall keep you posted!  Ciao......  


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